Ruane Bioenergetics was pioneered by Paula Ruane, a trained specialist, who works with ground-breaking technology to accurately relieve stress levels.  
As one of a select group of accredited HeartMath practitioners, Paula customises this world renowned technology to suit each of her clients. By producing quantifiable feedback she is able to monitor progress and set achievable targets that help alleviate stress and increase resilience. 
During a long and successful career Paula ran her own interior design consultancy and showroom in Chelsea for 10 years. She also achieved significant success the financial services sector having become the highest ever female fee earner at Chase de Vere MM. 
During her rich and varied career she has seen first-hand the damaging effects of stress on clients and their lives. Her interest, research and study began 25 years ago culminating in the launch of the Ruane BioEnergetics programme in 2009 which has helped many hundreds of individuals and their companies. 
Using HeartMath’s trademark business training, combined with her own personal style, Paula offers a unique approach to stress management. HeartMath’s programme has been used globally across every professional sector and has helped teams at NASA, St. Barts Hospital, Ford and IBM among others. HeartMath helps empower people with the right tools to help lower stress levels.  
Most recently HeartMath was used in a training programme with police forces in the Netherlands. To date, HeartMath professionals have worked with over 36,000 police officers to improve their resilience and focus their minds to remain calm yet alert whilst under extreme pressure. 
The programme has had particular success with sufferers of Post-Traumatic Stress disorder. For some more information please take a look at the video. 
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