Early Bird or Night Hawk? 

A number of studies in Australia, Sweden and the US suggest that worker burnout is not preceded just by high stress and increased levels of Cortisol (the fight/flight hormone) but that the major factor is quality of sleep. 
Many people can function in highly stressed and pressured environments providing they have enough sleep and the right sort of sleep. 
This is a little too simplistic as some of us excel in the morning and others loathe the morning and only start to perform well later in the day and into the evening. 
Which are you? Early Bird or Night Hawk? 
Take the simple test below to identify when you are likely to perform at your best and how to make little changes to tweak your working day. 
A Get up straight away
B Get up more slowly
C Put it on the snooze button
D Ignore it and sleep on
A 8-9pm
B 9-10pm
C 10-11pm
D After 11pm
A Before 9am
B 9-10am
C 10-11am
D After 11am
A Very hungry
B Only slightly hungry
C Not really hungry but know you have to eat
D Put off by the thought of food
A Mornings
B Afternoons
C Evenings
D Late at night
A Within 10 minutes
B 10-20 minutes
C 20-30 minutes
D More than 30 minutes
A = 4 points 
B = 3 
C = 2 
D = 1 
6-11 points 
Night Hawk. You might be sleep deprived which could make you bad tempered and harm your memory. 
You should try to go to bed a little earlier on weekdays “an hour’s sleep before midnight is worth two hours after” Early starts and then a long day when you are not refreshed and replenished can have a knock on effect in other areas of your life, health and relationships. 
19-24 points 
Early Bird. Consider yourself lucky! The majority don’t like getting up at this time. But are you taking on too much because you are up and at it and on the go 24/7? 
12-18 points 
Neither Early Bird nor Night Hawk. You seem to have moderate sleep patterns. This is helpful when under stress but you can be tempted to take on more than your fair share. 
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