Ever feel you just don't want to get up and face work - and you're the boss?... 

What about your staff? 
Do you have a once great employee who has gone “off the boil”? 
Or a once highly-effective, productive team who seems to be under performing? 
Most people feel are affected by their environments or when we are under long term pressure and stress. We can become irritable and this affects working relationships – even if the root cause is external to the office. 
Taking an odd sick-day here and there gives us a chance for a little R&R and to recharge our batteries. 
Even though we can take a “stress-break” by going to the gym, having a massage or taking a holiday, there can still be an undercurrent which affects attendance, productivity and engagement. 
87% of employees experience work-related stress (Britain’s Healthiest Company 2014) 
68% of companies provide stress-management programmes (Britain’s Healthiest Company 2014) 
40% of London employees believe that their firms are all talk and no action with regard to employee wellbeing. (BUPA) 
It makes sense to be proactive and preventative. Replacing good quality people is costly and disruptive. 
Geminus People offer a new and innovative approach to stress and protocols in the workplace. The training is both practical and covers legal areas in which to be proactive and preventative. Find out more at our Breakfast Workshop on 8th September - www.ruanebioenergetics.com/training/ 
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