Laughter is a serious matter 11th August 2014 

We are bombarded daily by unwanted and unwelcome news. You think you can shrug it off and not let it affect you but don’t be fooled. You think that you can log it and allocate it under either “feel-good” or “feel-bad” and then dismiss it. If only! 
Each event, sound-byte, incident and thought produces some chemicals in the body which in turn need to be released or discharged. Take road rage - was the offender really that offensive or was it that this was just the last straw and Mr Meek and Mild suddenly was tipped over the edge; or the case of the two women involved in a physical fight just before last Christmas in a supermarket car park over the last shopping trolley. Sitting here in August with the sun shining, it seems laughable but these two women were up against it – battling against time, pressures and doing their best to keep everyone happy and then something snapped. Has this ever happened to you? That last thing that was just one too many? 
The final straw or stress trigger can produce one of five things. Fight and flight are the two most commonly known already but they are only two out of possible reactions:- 
• Fight - anger 
• Flight - fear 
• Faint – shut down to let the brain re-calibrate 
• Freeze – confusion over what to do resulting in doing nothing – sometimes appearing calm 
• Funny – laughing and sometimes at what seems to be an inappropriate moment 
Laughter is the best tonic for stress, tension and anxiety. It is a powerful aphrodisiac. Look at some of the less attractive men who have won the hearts of some of the most beautiful women - 
Videos of funny ugly men attracting beautiful women 
Laughter releases oxytocin, a very powerful hormone, which among other things, makes you feel good, helps to protect the heart and helps engender trust and liking. 
So next time you are feeling irritably, scratchy, stressed or just plain angry, get out a photograph, not of the one you love but your favourite comedian who makes you laugh. Watch a clip on youtube of amusing antics or even laugh at yourself for taking it all so seriously when in the overall scheme of things, it is not worth the stress. The camel in the picture knows a thing or two about being straw-free. 
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