Let’s get really serious today folks! September 2014 

Ladies, are you home to ticking time bomb? 
Since 1984, more women have died from heart disease than men (35% of all deaths of women*) 
If there Is there history of heart attacks, strokes and hypertension in your family, here are a few things you may not know about women, stress and heart disease and now you do, you can take preventative action. 
Here are 8 possible reasons why the number is so high:- 
1, Women don’t realise that they are at risk! 
2. Women have less heart-receptors to handle adrenalin surges than men (the key stress trigger) 
3. Women don’t fully recognise the symptoms and the classic chest clutching picture shown above is scarcer in women and more prevalent among men. (43% of women who had heart attacks reported no pain) 
4. Women start presenting symptoms on average 10 years later, ie in their 60’s rather than with men in their 50’s. 
5. Women, on average, are smaller than men and the anatomical difference in the size of arteries means that theirs become clogged up more quickly on less matter. 
6. Women interpret their symptoms to doctors rather than describing the facts, ie their stomach ache is caused by the nausea instead of letting the doctor ask the pertinent questions. 
7. Point 6 leads to milder treatment and intervention being prescribed. 
8. Women tend to play down or ignore symptoms. 
Next week there is a short series starting for ongoing up-to-date help and information. The first will be “Your heart’s desire” and has nothing to do with Valentine’s day. For more information, email me Paula.Ruane@RuaneBioenergetics.com or take the stress test click here... 
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