Road Rage for example. Pure Fred! 

Stress Fiction: Some people think that stress is inevitable, that there is little we can do to prevent it, and that people should ‘just get over it’ and stop bringing other people down with their ‘negative vibe’. 
While a positive attitude can go a long way, ignoring stress does not. Never think that you, or anyone you know should just cope with it; instead, seek to understand stress and take positive steps towards lightening the load. 
What is we need is a transporter to “beam me up Scotty”, a simple way to bridge the clockwork mechanism and digital pressures, to reduce the reactions and response that we seem to have no control over. This should be an easily learned system that can help stop us from saying what we didn't’t mean to say, doing what we wouldn't’t do if we were calmer, and help us be more in charge of the situation. 
There are various things you can do for yourself but it takes discipline, learning certain techniques, and of course taking the time out to put yourself first for once. 
To find out how you can take the initiative to combat the effects of stress in your life, email to arrange a FREE Stress Risk Assessment, where you will also find out a few ideas to help lighten the load and bring back a bit of calm and balance. 
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