Stress – fact or fiction? 11th July 2014 

At a recent business meeting, the topic of stress and related costs of absenteeism in the workplace cropped up. The employment lawyer present told me that all I needed to do was call him into my company and he would soon get rid of the person who was “swinging the lead”. That was his view of stress. 
Is the man mad? Has he been living in a cave? In today’s modern society, how in touch with reality is he? Interestingly, the reality is – he is living in a cave, sort of - and so we all are, sort of! 
Stress Fact: The real cost of absenteeism is seen when a business has to manage after someone calls in sick. The costs associated with hiring temporary staff, and losing clients who have experienced an unsatisfactory service (due to missed deadlines or low quality work due to a lack of trained/experienced staff) are huge. £10-12 billion annually in the UK alone. The evolution and development of mankind has taken millions of years and yet in the last 50 or so we have gone from: 
Manual typewriters to touch screens 
Cash transactions to App payments via mobile device 
Natural fibres to recycled plastics for clothing 
Soil grown plants to hydroponically grown fruit and veg dangling their little feet in water (plus petro-chemically derived “vitamins” for our nutritional needs of course) 
In our world “out there” it is like an episode of Star Trek, where 90% of all recorded information has been produced in the last 18 months. 
But on the inside, it is more like another fiction favourite: The Flintstones. Our internal defence system, which judges risks and threats to survival, is still working as it did back in caveman times. 
The overload of information and the pace of life causes tension and mood swings, piling on the pressure, regardless of what survival is about in today’s world. 
Today, survival isn't’t about battling it out with a marauding animal or Barney Rubble’s extended family - today’s threats are about situations, and they are hard to fight. They are invisible, nebulous and abstract, like possible redundancy, constant need for decreasing deadline times and financial concerns. There are higher than ever expectations of performance: being the perfect employee, boss, mum, dad. 
Although vastly different to Fred’s problems, they still trigger the same reaction of fight or flight, unbidden and automatic, and instead of vanquishing the foe – it starts to cause problems in our health, relationships and in the work place. This is exactly how autoimmune illnesses are caused, the body attacking itself as we keep “it” all on the inside. 
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