Are you heading for burnout? 

Do you feel overwhelmed, anxious or stressed? 
Is it a struggle to get out of bed in the morning? 
Are you often angry, tired or irritable? 
Ruane BioEnergetics offers consultations that are customised to fit the need of the individual client in strictest confidence. Based on the experience and knowledge, Ruane BioEnergetics uses a nuanced understanding of the individual’s specific challenges to create a targeted plan. 
Ruane BioEnergetics helps those who are overwhelmed and overloaded, training you with a set of self-use tools to enable you to manage your responses to external pressures, wherever you are and under all circumstances. 
The time-efficient and proven individual training provides permanent solutions that lead to long-lasting change in the following areas:- 
Overcoming overwhelm and fatigue 
Improving clarity of mind and decision making 
Managing anxiety, frustration and anger 
Improving your relationships 
Helping restore restful, replenishing sleep 
Managing and regulating your emotional responses so you can increase your performance exactly when you need to do so 
Take the stress test for our confidential complimentary 20 minute strategy consultation. 
Simple hand-held scanner 
Biofeedback for immediate change 
Screen shows areas of concern 
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