Ruane Bioenergetics innovative course helps employees cope with stress 

Paula Ruane started Ruane Bioenergetics back in 2012, after spending many years working on self-orchestrated projects to help people find a way to be able to cope with the inevitable stresses of day-to-day life. 
She has succeeded in creating a system that auspiciously targets the health problems that occupy so many people in today’s world of work. 

How to spot and manage stress in your growing workplace 

The impact of stress on SMEs is subtle but potentially damaging. It starts with employees feeling overloaded, overwhelmed and having no control – so it doesn't hurt to find out how to spot the symptoms of stress. 

Men & women deal with stress differently - here's how HR can help 

Women in Western Europe and America suffer from stress twice as much men do, according to a study conducted by the University of Cambridge. 
However, these findings may be down to women being more open and honest about experiencing stress, and men being more reluctant to admit feeling pressure. 
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