The perfect motivation with actionable suggestions for overwhelmed employees. These talks are specially designed to help staff members juggling multiple commitments. 
Bespoke talks 
People love these talks. From board level to the newest junior employee, everyone wants to be at their best. This relaxed and informal way gives practical help and tips which are essential for both in and away from the office. 
The most popular topics are: 
Emotional Contagion – how to deal with difficult people and keep your own mood and attitude positive. 
Coherent Communication – making sure that you understand them and, more importantly, they understand you and why it doesn’t always happen. 
What makes you tick, what makes you sick! 
This most popular talk illustrates and informs people about:- 
• Why you go down with a bug the moment you leave work for a break 
• Why you are often more alert at 2am than 2pm 
• Why you say what you didn’t mean to and wish you hadn’t. 
How to have better sleep – This is becoming more popular as lack of good quality naturally occurring sleep is affecting all areas of people’s lives, home, work, relationships and health. 
“Brilliant, insightful and informative” 
“Very interesting matter” 
“Didn’t realise the connections with the brain” 
“Very useful information given” 
“Session could have gone on for many hours more” 
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