“On Friday, I left your office lighter, felt more centred, like "myself" again. Powerful and truly unexpected. I actually can't remember when was the last time I felt so normal and grounded. Beautiful gift after these past few weeks. Thank you. I slept amazing too and already had a vivid dream which I wrote down for us to discuss next time! In the meantime, will keep to my exercises. I look forward to our next appointment.” 
Ms D.S. London E 
Lead singer of high profile rock band cancelled proposed tour and recording session due to loss of singing range. Under throat specialist/voice coach – but nothing improved it. As client lived abroad, he flew in for 2 hr intensive session. When he left, he immediately called agent and rebooked both tour and recording time in studio, his agent quoted him “I don’t know what she did to me but it was like magic – unbelievable really!” 
Mr F.H. Belgium 
I had a really excellent trip - all your help seemed to have paid off in the bucket load and it couldn't have gone better from a confidence point of view. I was feeling quite nervous before and during the flight, but nothing too scary. And I think I was quite a calming influence on my accompanying colleague who admitted she too had a few nerves. My mentality that morning when entering the office building was that they were friendly people who I have spoken to before and from my company. There were a number of meetings where I had to talk for a couple of hours by myself in front of 4 very senior people in the organisation. I was flying and didn't feel remotely anxious for the rest of the trip! 
Mr G.N. London EC 
As a business coach I have demanding clients and coupled with challenges at home and have been impressed with the session. I am now calm without anxiety and think more clearly more easily. Also, it helped to rid the angst I felt towards my ex – which had been on-going for 9 years. Excellent. 
Mr R.H. Colchester 
... I feel SO MUCH clearer in my head – I’m not worrying about ANYTHING right now! It’s amazing. Whilst I usually have very bizarre dreams – I didn’t last night. It’s honestly the first time I’ve felt myself in a while!!!! I definitely have a spring in my step. 
Mrs H.O. London NW 
I hadn’t made the connection between my daughter and my back pain – it was a real treat to be able to enjoy the weekend and the lovely weather without my back getting me down. Thank you very much. 
Ms J.McM. Kent 
I always give 100% for 100% and with the run up to Christmas, shortened deadlines, I found I needed a something to enhance my energy levels and to make sure that I retained optimal decision-making, strong focus and mental acuity. I highly recommend Paula Ruane. She has done something to me but I really don’t know what, but things are looking up!!" 
Ms R.V. London SW 
After feeling on edge constantly for most of my life, I've been feeling calmer over the last few weeks which is good. 
Ms G.B. Brentwood 
Lack of self-confidence, redundancy, two failed marriages and being out of work for a long time had really dragged me down. After a few sessions, I was able to take up a new senior post with great optimism and enthusiasm feeling confident about the results I can achieve. 
Mr K.H. London NW 
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