The most shocking thing happened... 

I went to bed as normal last week on Tuesday night and found that when I awoke on Wednesday I had been kidnapped during the night and dropped in the middle of mainland China. 
I couldn’t understand what was said, read what was written or make myself understood and had to be back home for a meeting by 12 noon! Just kidding! 
But, that is how I felt when I had my IT upgraded and changed. My smart phone is too clever for its own good and puts words into my hand. My new, very swish little laptop has rearranged all my files and it feels like someone has been into all the drawers at home and swapped every thing around in the most illogical and irritating way – T-shirts in the cutlery drawer! 
What normally takes 30 seconds has now turned into a Royal Command Performance. 
This is how I felt! Have you ever felt like this? 
This seems to be the most obvious 
and simplest solution.>>>>>>>>. 
But of course this is just the stress reaction to change and in view of what I do and teach others, really I should have known better! 
And that is the point. I do know better and so do you but when we, us, everyone, have any situation that is unexpected, unwanted or wanted (change), we stop thinking and just react. The clever bit of the brain shuts off and even has a phrase to explain it – Cortical Inhibition caused by an Amygdala Hijack! Automatic,unbidden, uncontrollable and hard-wired into the brain. 
Even the best things that happen to us put us on high alert – new baby, new home, new partner and/or new boss. So although we can’t control it, we can learn to manage our response and minimise fall-out. 
Importantly, this is a natural reaction and this 100% OK. It is part of everyday life and the only constant is change. The problem today is that so much is changing so quickly and seemingly small changes makes huge differences with far reaching effects. 
So here is the one thing you can do immediately to help when this happens to you. 
Slow your breathing down and, better still, actually remember to breathe. It is amazing how we hold our breath when we have been totally focussed on something or been put on high alert. By slowing the breathing, you send a message to the brain to say “all is well”. 
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