Professional Consultations are tailored to focus on the morale and productivity of your employees. The health and wellness of a workforce is a crucial component of success for any company. 
Absenteeism costs the UK economy £16 billion a year, and some statistics suggest that £9 billion annually is lost to staff lateness. Similarly, staff disengagement and ‘presenteeism’ (coming into work when you're sick, threatening the health and productivity of colleagues and other employees) costs £15.1 billion a year.  
Stress management is an important asset to any workforce but stress prevention is invaluable, helping to increase your bottom line.  
Ruane BioEnergetics's targeted, effective consultations offer a rewarding option for demotivated or stagnant employees. 
Moulded to your requirements we offer training as either a full day or two half days. 
Providing powerful strategies, the Ruane BioEnergetics programme offers a re-energising and determined approach to team training. 

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