The Ruane BioEnergetics workshops offer a unique insight into the programme with tailor made content to suit a number of audiences. 
- An introductory workshop 
An overview of Ruane BioEnergetics's more intensive training, this workshop provides an introduction to the 3 step process. Helping the audience identify the causes of stress as well as offering some resilience training they are a fantastic way of gaining some insight into this unique programme. 
- Specific topic and training workshops half or full days 
- I always give 100% for 100% and with the run up to Christmas and shortened deadlines, I found I needed something to enhance my energy levels and to make sure that I retained optimal decision-making, strong focus and mental acuity.  
I highly recommend her (Paula Ruane) workshops and follow on work. She has done something to me but I really don’t know what, but things are looking up!!" Sales Director, International Holding Group 
- “eye-opening, insightful”, “ can’t wait for the next one”, “really helpful” 
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