Ruane Bioenergetics offers an innovative and proven programme to reduce stress-related symptoms and increase resilience which prevents stress build-up.  The key areas covered are:- - Employee overwhelm and overload - Employee time-management and prioritisation  - Absenteeism  - Employee retention  - Executive health  - Employee satisfaction - Employee self-regulation of emotions to increase performance on demand  Ruane Bioenergetics uses a targeted focus to help ease the hidden cost of employee inefficiency, absenteeism and disengagement. These can often be caused by stress and anxiety from personal or professional pressures. 

Working with HR departments Ruane Bioenergetics equips any team with the tools necessary to effectively combat external distractions. This leaves them free to focus on business demands. 
“Unchecked stress can result in a number of productivity sapping outcomes, from diminished work quality to absenteeism to co-worker clashes" 
Dr. Richard A. Chaifetz, CEO of ComPsyche.Com largest worldwide provider of employee assistance programmes - Business Daily, March 28th 2012 

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